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BRAINSTORM - Todde100 x angesehenSympathetic guitarist of the German power metallersOdin13. Mai 2005
BRAINSTORM - Andy B. Franck107 x angesehenOne of the most active frontmen of the scene. Great stage performance!Odin13. Mai 2005
Fabio Lione wondering...425 x angesehen"...what the...? I'm not present on this album. Damn."

During RHAPSODY meet & greet being given the booklet of Luca Turilli's first solo album.
Odin13. Mai 2005
Green smurf141 x angesehen"The smurf sent me away due to severe color-blindness. Anyway, here's much more BOOOOOZE!"Odin13. Mai 2005
Cameras135 x angesehenIn addition to those directly in front of the stages, there were two cams in the air. One running on rope rails and one attached to a crane. Pretty unnerving to my mind.Odin13. Mai 2005
SAXON - Meet & Greet97 x angesehenSAXON during meet & greetOdin13. Mai 2005
MOTRHEAD and the first cam132 x angesehenMotrhead playing on thursday.
TV cams started to be in view all the time...
Odin13. Mai 2005
BHSE ONKELZ167 x angesehenThey were one of the reasons for the crowded festival crowd on thursday.Odin13. Mai 2005
Crowd on thursday249 x angesehenThe additional festival day ("Night to remember") attracted unbelievable crouds already.Odin13. Mai 2005
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